Iuta Farm

Iuta’s born from the desire to eradicate the roots of an abandoned place,
to bring it back to life through new forms of hospitality.
Natural, sustainable, good for the heart.



It’s not been the sea, the countryside, the perfume of lemons and oranges, the slow life that is not slow at all ‘cause run to fast, the sunny days, the blue sky and the desire to change, to make our IUTA alive.
Iuta is not a child but it’s like it were.
Iuta exists because was the only possible way.
Our only way to tell a love story.
Love for the earth.
Love for Mother Nature. Which is Iuta’s mother but also your mother. Trust me.
Love for dreams that you have to tell. Don’t forget.
Love for all the people who decide to spend some time with us.
Iuta is our place, yes. But it’s also your place.
We don’t even know how everything will end up, but this is what everyone expects from a love story. Isn’t it?